Chicagoland USBC is pleased to announce our 2023 Hall of Fame Honorees:


Superior Performance:

Keith Charvat

Scot Hardesty

Jason Wojnar

Meritorious Service:

John Koziol

Keith Smith


Bowler of the Year:

Female: Deshonatay Holland

Male: Leslie Outerbridge

Super Seniors:

Female: Trudy Goodman

Male: Craig O’Reilly

Patricia Harte Love of Bowling

Female: Barbara Diaz

Male: Jack Lippert

Star of Tomorrow

Male: Conner Pula

Female: Mia Kottke

Congratulations to all these well deserved bowlers. Our luncheon to celebrate will be held on Sunday, December 3rd 2023 at the Orland Chateau at 1:00 pm. Reservation forms can be found HERE

We look forward to celebrating these inductees and hope you can join us! 

July 17, 2022

League Officer Workshop Training

All league officers should review our training which covers league roles, operations and basic rules. After reviewing the training please direct any questions to Association Manager Kristee Bylls, or feel free to ask the Board members distributing packets on Sunday, July 24th. You can watch the video on our website here, or on our YouTube Channel HERE. 

Also for some very commonly asked questions and answers please see USBC Rules Mythbusters document. 


2022 LeagueOfficerTraining power point.mp4