Bowlero Woodridge, March 5 & 6, 12 & 13, 2022


  1. Participants in this tournament must be members in good standing of the Chicagoland USBC and have a current season membership card or electronic copy which should be shown. Non-members living within the jurisdiction of the Chicagoland USBC who are NOT members of another association may enter by paying an unattached membership fee for which USBC will issue an unattached membership card. Entrants eligible for another association’s championship tournament are eligible to bowl provided they have at least 21 games at the time of participation in a league under the jurisdiction of the Chicagoland USBC.

  2. Average for handicapping shall be based on the highest league average or adjusted Challenge/Sport League average for 21 games or more in the following order:

a) Previous Winter or Summer season.

b) If “a” does not apply, use average from either of the two prior Winter or Summer seasons or Current season.

c) Current season average if 10 pins or more higher than previous seasons’ average.

d) If none of the above applies, the entrant must bowl scratch.


  2. Handicap will be based on 90% of 230

  3. Multiple entries will be permitted as space allows.

a) No more than three (3) bowlers on the same team may re-enter as a new team.

b) When a bowler competes more than once in any event, their first appearance shall count towards their all events score.

c) Bowlers may place only once with the same team but may place again as stated in “5-a” above.

d) Substitutes are allowed provided they qualify under rule 1.

  1. If a duly scheduled entrant is unable to bowl, the captain shall have the right to substitute a bowler. A substitute, in any event, must take the place in the lineup of the bowler they are replacing. Lineup as submitted will not be changed. Bowlers are not permitted to rearrange partners.

  2. Captains and individual entrants must report to the tournament office at least thirty (30) minutes before they are scheduled to bowl, and at least one (1) hour before if a substitution is to be made.

  3. The All Events optional prize fee must accompany the entry form. The fee may be paid only by those entering all three events – team, doubles and singles. Paid All Events are not transferable unless the substitute replaced the original bowler in all three events and the transfer is made by the tournament office prior to the time of the participation in any event.

  4. One Hundred Percent (100%) of Prize Fees shall revert to the Prize Fund. No entry money will be refunded.

  5. The 5-person team, doubles and singles with the highest Scratch total pins will be declared Tournament Champions. The All Events bowler with the highest scratch nine (9) game total pins will be declared All Events Champion and will be offered an entry into the following season’s USBC Masters.

  6. Awards will be given to scratch and handicap winners in Team, Doubles, Singles and optional All Events. In case of a tie for first place, in handicap scores, first and second place prize money will be equally divided.

  7. In case of disability after a game has started, a qualified substitute will be permitted if available and the combined score shall count. This applies in the team and doubles events only.

  8. In case of a tie for first place scratch, in any event, the teams or individuals shall play off the tie. The date and time shall be set by the Tournament Manager. Three (3) games shall be bowled to determine the Championship.

  9. Doubles and Singles must be bowled during the same squad.

  10. Any player or team arriving late shall begin play and the score shall count beginning with the frame then being bowled.

  11. Errors in scoring must be reported to the tournament within 24 hours. The Tournament Manager shall have the power to hear and act on all protests arising from or under the rules of the tournament. The Tournament Manager shall decide any questions not covered by these tournament rules.

  12. To help the pace of bowling, the bowler must be on deck when it is their turn. If there is an unreasonable delay, the tournament manager will assign a zero for that frame unless there is sufficient reason not to. Individuals on lanes that have open spots must wait until the last bowler on their lane has bowled before bowling on the next lane.

  13. Photography/videography will be taken at this event. I authorize and grant Chicagoland USBC to take my photo during this tournament. I grant Chicagoland USBC permission to use my photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. I allow Chicagoland USBC to edit, alter, copy, or distribute the photos for social media advertising and marketing. I agree that the photos belong to Chicagoland USBC and understand that I will not receive any compensation.